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  • Adv1

    Players created their characters:

    Lazlo - Dwarven Artificer/Alchemist, working the Nighthawk as the engineer

    Nez - Half-Elven Warlock, first mate of the ship

    Eldeus - Human Wizard, ship's cook

    Shylo - Halfling …

  • Home Page

    Adventure in the wide open skies!

    It is a world on the brink of war, a war between the chaotic Thousand Kingdoms and the sophisticated lizardmen of the Feathered Empire.  It is a war neither side wants, but neither side can afford …

  • Dragonborn

    Dragonborn strive to be the best at anything they attempt.  They seem driven to to make a name for themselves in everything they do.  To be a dragonborn is to strive to be the best.

    Have fun with this.  You can be like a Klingon, …

  • Eladrin

    Eladrin.  Feywild.  Civilization.  Think about it.

    Most Eladrin are fascinated by the civilised life, so different from dwelling in the Feywild.  While tied to the wilderness, they move through the farms and halls of power …

  • Character Creation


    This game is going to use only the core rule books unless you ask permission for something else.  Permission will be granted if your idea is interesting and can be justified with a valid history in the contect of the current …

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